Comprehensive Planning

Planning Philosophy

Huntersville is fully committed to careful growth and development based upon the principles of traditional town planning and quality urban design.

What We Do

The Huntersville Planning Department is responsible for working with the Town Board, Planning Board, and general public in establishing a long range vision for the future development of Huntersville and to ensure zoning and subdivision standards are consistent with that vision. On a day-to-day basis, the Planning Department reviews new development for compliance with Huntersville's zoning and subdivision regulations and enforces minimum housing code requirements and nuisance standards. 


  • Building design standards
  • Open space criteria
  • Parking requirements
  • Review of development proposals to ensure they meet building setback standards
  • Sign standards
  • Street design
  • Water quality standards

The department also recommends adjustments to development codes to keep pace with new development review process, including building inspections, county engineering, NCDOT, environmental protection, and other federal, state and local agencies.