Asbury Chapel (Farmhouse Cluster)

Project Details
Project Name:Asbury Chapel Farmhouse Cluster
Owner:Olde Poplar, LLC
Applicant:Olde Poplar, LLC
Design Firm:Henson Foley Design
Tax Parcel:01935117
Acreage:10.93 +/-
Location:11901 Asbury Chapel Road
Current Zoning:TR
Current Land Use:Single –Family Homes
Proposed Land Use:Single-Family Homes
Description of Request:Development of a 6 lot, Farmhouse Cluster subdivision.  Phase 1 will include the development of the private road and cul-de-sac.  Phase 2 will be the development of the individual lots by whomever purchases the lot. 
Plan Reviewer:Lauren Speight
Contact Information:Lauren Speight
Phone: 704-766-2254
Town Board Final Action:February 15, 2021
Plan Documents:Application (PDF)
Asbury Chapel Farmhouse Cluster Civil Plans (PDF)