A20-01 14422 Beatties Ford Drive

Project DetailsInformation
Project Name:A20-01 14422 Beatties Ford Drive
Owner/Applicant:Khristopher Ward
Tax Parcel:01502128
Parcel Size:8.245 +/- acres
Location:14422 Beatties Ford Drive
Description of Request:Appeal Article 3.21, 9.24 and 11.5
Project Reviewer:Jack Simoneau
Contact Information:Email Jack Simoneau
Office: 704-766-2211
Board of Adjustment Meeting:August 11, 2020
Application:Application (PDF)
May 11, 2020 Decision Letter (PDF)
May 29, 2020 Decision Letter (PDF)
Exhibit 1 Deed Into Farrow (PDF)
Exhibit 2 Notarized Statement by Farrow (PDF)
Exhibit 3 Deed Into Quan (PDF)
Exhibit 4 County Zoning Map (PDF)
Exhibit 5 Mecklenburg County Firearms Ordinance (PDF)
Exhibit 6 NC HB 1012 Original Range Protection Act (PDF)
Exhibit 7 Notice of Zoning and Section 321 (PDF)
Exhibit 8 Section 924 of 1997 Town Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
Exhibit 9 Section 115 of 1997 Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
Exhibit 10 Revised attachment to Brian Richards investigation summary (PDF)
Exhibit 11 Detective Chris Wade Investigation Summary (PDF)
Exhibit 12 Annexation Map 2000 (PDF)
Exhibit 13A Town Firearms Ordinances (PDF)
Exhibit 13B Section 321 Rural-District (PDF)
Exhibit 14 Email regarding original boundaries and attachment (PDF)
Exhibit 15A Approved Sketch Plan Freeney Farmhouse Cluster (PDF)
Exhibit 15B Recorded Plat for Farmhouse Cluster (PDF)
Exhibit 16 Aerial Photography (PDF)
Exhibit 17 031615 Regular Board meeting minutes (PDF)
Exhibit 18 Arrington Sketch Plans approved (PDF)
Exhibit 19 Excerpt from Sales Contract (PDF)
Exhibit 20 Planning Board Minutes (PDF)
Exhibit 21 Documents from Tyler Steczynski (PDF)
Exhibit 22 Air Photos 1993-2019 (PDF)
Exhibit 23 May 22 2020 Site Visit (PDF)
Exhibit 24 Matrix of Applicable Regulations (PDF)
Exhibit 25 Community Request to Reconsider (PDF)