Rezoning 20-03 Huntersville Town Center Mixed Use

Project Details
Project Name:Rezoning R20-03 Huntersville Town Center Mixed Use
Owner:Town of Huntersville; Cecil D. Bradford, III; Gilead Bowman LLC
Applicant:North State Development, LLC
Tax Parcel:01711616, 01711617, 01711618, 01711619, 01711627, 01711643, 01711699, 01711625, 01711626, 01711632, 01711633, 01711634, 01711637, 01711638, 01711639, 01711640, 0711801, 0711811
Acreage:9.947 +/-
Location:109 Gilead Road
Current Zoning:General Residential (GR), Town Center (TC) 
Proposed Zoning:Town Center - Conditional District (TC-CD)
Current Land Use:Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Non-residential uses, multifamily residential, and single family attached
Description of Request:To accommodate development of a mixed-use project on the site that could contain up to 6,200 SF of non-residential uses, up to 140 multi-family dwelling units, and up to 65 single-family attached dwelling units, as more particularly depicted in the Rezoning Plan.
Town Plan Reviewer:David Peete
Office: 704-766-2216
(This is not an on-site project contact)  
Neighborhood MeetingTBD  (will be held prior to Public Hearing)
Public Hearing:October 5, 2020
Planning Board Meeting:October 27, 2020
Town Board Meeting:November 16, 2020
Application:Application (PDF)
Site Plan (PDF)