7-Eleven Ramah Church

Project Details
Project Name:7-Eleven Ramah Church
Owner:Willard & Wyolene Hager
Applicant:C4 CStore Holdings, LLC
Development Firm:Bohler Engineering NC, PLLC
Tax Parcel:01733128, 01733126, 01733129
Acreage:1.55 +/- acres
Location:15111, 15113, 15123 & 15201 N Old Statesville Road
Current Zoning:HC
Current Land Use:Residential
Proposed Land Use:Commercial
Description of Request:Gas station and corner store
Town Plan Reviewer:Brad Priest
Office: 704-766-2214
(This is not an on-site project contact)  
Application:Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Approved  Site Plan and Elevations (PDF)

RTAP Site Plan 1 of 2
RTAP Site Plan 2 of 2