TA 20-01 Specimen and Tree Save Mitigation

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Project Name:TA 20-01 Specimen and Tree Save Mitigation
Applicant:Huntersville Planning Board
Section:7.2.1, 7.4.2.F, and 12
Description:Text amendment to require trees and shrubs from the Huntersville approved species list, increase mitigation requirements for specimen trees, and redefine a specimen tree as a hardwood with 18 inch caliper or greater.
Huntersville Ordinances Advisory BoardFebruary 6, 2020
Town Public Hearing:September 8, 2020
Staff Report
Planning Board:September 22, 2020
Staff Report
Town Board Final Action:October 19, 2020
Staff Report
Staff Reviewer:Brad Priest
Staff Contact Information:Email Brad Priest
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