Tree Mitigation - Ardmore at Bryton Subdivision

Project Details
Project Name:Tree Mitigation – Ardmore at Bryton Subdivision
Owner:Ardmore Bryton, LLC
Applicant:Hagen Engineering
Developer:Ardmore Bryton, LLC
Design Firm:Hagen Engineering
Tax Parcel:019-11-159
Parcel Size:15.2 acres
Location:Along Bryton Ridge Parkway (east of railroad).
Zoning:Transit - Oriented Development - Residential District (TOD-R)
Current Land Use:Vacant
Description of Request:Apartments
Project Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Office: 704-766-2216
Planning Board:January 28, 2020 (Planning Board- only Review)
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)