Street Lights

Report a Street Light Outage

All public street light fixtures are maintained and repaired by the energy provider.   Street light outages should be reported to the electric provider for that area.  

 If you need assistance to identify your energy provider, contact Public Works.  Call 704-875-7007

Add a New Street Light

To add a new street light to an existing neighborhood, the resident or Homeowner's Association (HOA) would contact the energy provider to determine if street light(s) can be installed in the requested area(s).   If so, the energy provider will create a lighting plan which must be approved by 75% of the neighborhood residents.  If an HOA was not established, the resident is responsible for sharing the lighting plan and obtaining neighborhood approval via a signed petition.  Town must review and approve the lighting plan before installation at the residents or HOA's expense.  Once the buy-down has been met, if Town currently provides funding for the existing neighborhood lights, the Town may be petitioned for street light acceptance.  

Street Light Acceptance Process

The Town of Huntersville may be petitioned to fund the electricity of street lights located on Town maintained streets. Please reference the most current Powell Bill Map to determine if Town maintains a particular street.   For existing neighborhood lights and to request the Town take over billing, all HOA's must meet buy-down requirements with the assigned energy provider.  Review the Street Light Policy below, complete the Street Light Acceptance Request Form and upload supporting documents.  The Town will review each request for approval. If approved, the street light requests will move to a wait list status until funds are made available for the upcoming budget year. The deadline for requests is March 1 of each year.  

Street Light Policy

Street Light Acceptance or Request

For more information, contact Public Works.  Call  704-875-7007