The Town of Huntersville currently provides funding for street lights on Town maintained streets within Huntersville Town limits. For existing neighborhood lights and to request the Town take over billing all HOA’s must meet buy-down requirements with the assigned energy provider. To request additional lights within your neighborhood the Town must currently provide funding for the existing lights in your community. The Town will record and log each request at the time it is submitted to the Public Works Director for approval. If approved, street light requests will move to waiting list status until funding is made available for the upcoming budget year. Deadline for requests is by March 1 of each year.  

Further information can be found in the Town's Street Light Policy

Application for Street Lights Acceptance 


Your neighborhood has the option of installing street lighting at your expense. This would include all costs of installation and all monthly maintenance fees. The Town makes no commitment to assume monthly billing costs until the street light billing has been approved for takeover by the Town.