Town Project Updates

There are many projects underway and on the horizon, either through the Town, developers, or the NC Dept. of Transportation. This page will be used to provide updates on those projects.

Below you will find links to the Capital Project Updates (through the month listed):  

Engineering & Public Works
Roadway Projects
Monthly Capital  Projects
Parks & Recreation 
Monthly Capital
Projects Update
December 2021 E&PW UpdateDecember 2021 P&R Update
November 2021 E&PW Update
November 2021 P&R Update
October 2021 P&R Update
June 2021 P&R Update
May 2021 E&PW UpdateMay 2021 P&R Update
March 2021 E&PW UpdateMarch 2021 P&R Update
February 2021 E&PW Update
January 2021 E&PW UpdateJanuary 2021 P&R Update

Latest Town CIP and NCDOT TIP Road Projects List (as of 2020)

Latest Stormwater Projects Update (latest through March 2021)

Parks & Recreation Projects

Click HERE for active P&R planning projects, including the Huntersville Bike Plan, Ranson-Rosedale Park Master Plan, Parks & Recreation Master Plan update, and the Barry Park Turf project.