Huntson Reserve

Project DetailsInformation
Project Name:Huntson Reserve (approved as Ranson Road)
Applicant:Rick Jasinski
Developer:Classica Homes
Design Firm:CloeJenest & Stone, P.A.
Tax Parcel:01714205, 01714247, 01714207, 01714204, 01714214
Acreage:+/- 38 acres
Location:15290 Ranson Road
Current Zoning:NR
Description of Request:Revising property lines at entrance of subdivision and moving buffer in 10’ to make room for entry signage.
Plan Reviewer:Brian Richards
Contact Information:Email  Brian Richards
Phone: 704-766-2218
Project Status:Approved
Application:Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Sketch Plan Documents
Please contact the project manager.

Revised Plan Documents