Solid Waste Best Practices

Solid Waste Best Practices List:

  1. Please be sure your yard waste does not exceed a height limit of 6 inches above the trash container rim.
  2. Please be sure your yard waste is contained inside your container.
  3. Do not put bulk waste in your household garbage containers. Just because bulk waste may fit in your container, does not mean it belongs there. Bulk waste can be picked up by the Town of Huntersville (fees apply) or disposed of in a Mecklenburg County Full-Service Convenience Center (fees may apply).
  4. Do not bag up your recycling. Recycling should be stored loosely in Recycling bin.
  5. Rinse your recyclables to remove food / liquid residue.
  6. Avoid putting household hazardous waste in your trash cans. Mecklenburg County has a Household Hazardous Waste Program that accepts hazardous materials from residents.
  7. Be sure your household garbage is bagged up.
  8. Do not put ashes or hot charcoal in your curbside containers. This can cause damage.

                   INCORRECT PRACTICES                                                   CORRECT PRACTICES

Correct Practice of Recycling