Site Inspections

The Town of Huntersville Land Development staff inspects construction sites to help protect land and surface water. Site inspectors enforce regulations related to:  
  • erosion control
  • watershed protection 
  • public storm drainage installation and problems
  • BMP construction and routine compliance inspections 
  • buffers along creeks and lakes for new development 
  • sidewalks and street trees 
  • streets and roads in subdivisions 
  • commercial driveway connections
  • zoning

To request a Lot Erosion Control site inspection, please complete the online request form here.

  1. Au'Darius Blackwood

    Development Code Officer
    Phone: 704-766-2251

  2. Anne Loftin

    Land Development Inspector, CPESC (Erosion Control)
    Phone: 704-766-2256

  3. Cecil Talbot

    Land Development Inspector (Roadway)
    Phone: 704-766-2258