Land Development

Land Development Services

The Town Land Development staff provide the following services: 
  • As-Built Survey Review
  • Bond Administration to ensure compliance with local standards and ordinances
  • Plat and plan review and permitting
  • Site inspection services


As-built surveys are required before subdivisions receive final inspection approval and before storm water BMPs are approved. The Land Development staff review as-built surveys to ensure that structures were built in compliance with the approved plans. As-built surveys are prepared to document:  
  •  Storm drainage systems (inlets, pipes, outlets, swales, and ditches) 
  •  Storm water BMPs 
  •  Built-upon area (impervious) surfaces 
  •  Post-Construction requirements


During land development projects, project bonds are a funding mechanism to ensure that monies are available to complete public improvements once development begins. Bonds also ensure that the public improvements are maintained during a specified warranty period.


To ensure that enforceable restrictions on property usage run with developed land, plats are required to be prepared and reviews by the Town Land Development staff prior to the recording of the plate. Town Land Development staff reviews plats to ensure the following is included:

  • Impervious area allotment for each lot
  • Location of storm drainage structures, floodplains, water quality buffers, and BMP's
  • Lot lines, building lines, right-of-ways, easements, and set backs
  • Notes required for compliance with Town and County ordinances


Land Development staff reviews plans for:

  • Land Development compliance– review site plans for subdivisions and commercial projects 
  •  Storm water management – drainage, detention and flood control on areas draining less than one square mile 
  •  Water quality protection – erosion control, stream and lake buffers, impervious limits 
  •  Commercial driveway permitting and transportation access – driveway permits, turn lanes, road widening 
  •  Subdivision road construction – design review 
  •  Zoning compliance


During and after site construction, inspectors visit the site to ensure the project is built in compliance with applicable ordinances and standards including: 

  • Erosion control, stream & lake buffers, BMP's, impervious limits and surface water       protection
  • Roadway and drainage construction proof rolling
  • Storm Water management
  • Zoning compliance


Local governing bodies adopt and maintain regulations to promote public health and safety, minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions, and protect surface waters and the natural functions of floodplains. The State legislature authorizes local governments to adopt and enforce ordinances to address local needs and to meet federal and state requirements.

Manuals and Guidelines