Birkdale Landing

Project Details
Project Name:Birkdale Landing
Owner:Paul Darden
Applicant:Paul Darden
Developer:Fariway Investments 
Design Firm:ColeJenest & Stone
Tax Parcel:00917184 and 00917186
Location:16623 Birkdale Commons Parkway, Huntersville, NC 28078
Current Zoning:HC(CD)
Current Land Use:Shopfront (Retail/Office/Commercial)
Proposed Land Use:Shopfront (Retail/Office/Commercial)
Description of Request:Commercial site plan to redevelop the parcels to revamp and introduce new architecture and building locations. 
Town Plan Reviewer:Brian Richards
Office: 704-766-2218
(This is not an on-site project contact)
Application:Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Site Plan (PDF)