Article 9.61 Par 3 / or Golf Driving Range

Par 3 and golf driving ranges are permitted in the Rural zoning district subject to a special use permit according to the procedures of Article 11.4.10.

The Town Board shall issue a Special Use Permit for the use in the Rural District if, but not unless the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit hearing establishes:

1. Par 3 courses shall not be lit. Outdoor lighting associated with driving ranges in the Rural district shall be designed as follows:

a. Facility lighting may include floodlights but must be shielded and shall be oriented and directed in such a way as to not produce glare at any off-site location.

b. Maximum light fixture height shall be 40 feet.

c. Maximum lighting level is 15 footcandles measured at grade.

d. If free standing lighting is proposed, photometric lighting plans shall be submitted at special use permit application.  A maximum of .5 footcandles at any location on any non-residential property and .1 footcandles at any location on any residential property, as measurable from any orientation of the measuring device shall be met.

e. Lighting shall be extinguished at 11 pm.  

f. Upon review of the photometric plan, the Town Board may modify the above lighting standards provided the spirit of the ordinance, reducing glare and off site light trespass is maintained. 

2. Vehicular access to the use will be provided only by way of a Boulevard or Major Thoroughfare.

3. A par 3 golf course or driving range must be located on a property at least 20 acres in size.

4. No multi-level buildings or tee boxes are permitted. 

5. Hours of operation shall be no earlier than 6 am and no later than 11 pm.   

6. Existing vegetation within 50 feet of the fronting thoroughfare and residential property lines shall remain undisturbed.  If no vegetation exists along the property line, an opaque buffer shall be planted per Article 7.6.  If there is no existing vegetation along the street, the required second row of street trees will be planted using large maturing evergreen trees to maintain an intermittent screen. 

a. As each property is unique, the Town Board may modify the buffers for a golf facility based on particular topographical issues and uses of the property.  For instance, additional buffer requirements may be appropriate for active commercial areas, while a reduction in buffer area may be appropriate for open natural areas.

7. At no time shall golf balls be permitted to cross on to adjacent property or onto the public street.  If course or tee orientation makes it possible for balls to leave the site through standard operating use, netting, buffers, screening or other barrier shall be installed to prohibit off site encroachment.  If netting is required, it shall be located behind a vegetative buffer, screening if from any property line. 

8. Only accessory retail and commercial uses meant to serve patrons of the golf facility are permitted, such as snack shops and pro shops.  No principle use restaurants or retail establishments meant to serve the general public are permitted.