Rezoning 19-02 Lee's Firewood

Project Details
Project Name:Rezoning 19-02 Lee's Firewood
Owner:Ernie & Roberta Lee 
Applicant:Ernie & Roberta Lee
Developer:Henson Foley
Design Firm:-
Tax Parcel(s):01120110, 01120111, 01120109, 01120152, 01120108, 01120177
Location:15412 - 15336 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC 28078
Current Zoning:HC & SP
Proposed Zoning:SP(CD)
Current Land Use:Half Residential/Half Special Purpose
Proposed Land Use:Processing, storage, and manufacturing 
Description of Request:Request to rezone the the sites to SP(CD) to use for manufacturing, processing, and storage of products.
Plan Reviewer:Brian Richards
Contact Information:Email Brian Richards
Phone: 704-766-2218
Public Hearing:June 3, 2019
Planning Board:June 25, 2019
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Town Board Final Action:July 15, 2019
Application:Rezoning Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Rezoning Plan (PDF)
Applicable Town Plans:Huntersville 2030 Community Plan