Ramah Presbyterian Church

Ramah Presbyterian Church is located on Ramah Church Road east of Huntersville, NC, in the northern section of Mecklenburg County. Per the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, the founders of Ramah Presbyterian Church belonged to the heterogeneous aggregate of pioneers who began to settle the Carolina backcountry in the mid-1700s. 

Like their counterparts at such places as Hopewell, Sugar Creek, Rocky River, Providence and Steele Creek, these Scotch Irish immigrants faced the enormous challenge of bringing order and structure to the Piedmont frontier. Because their collective identity sprang largely from religious convictions, the yeomen who secured land in the vicinity of Ramah Creek moved quickly to establish a place of worship. 

The congregation was officially organized in 1785. The burial ground, situated immediately across from Ramah Church Road, contains a metal entrance gate with flanking granite posts, most probably dating from the mid-1800s, with several gravestones from the early nineteenth century. 

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