Tree Trimming Guidance

Residents & HOAs Reminded to Trim Trees in or Adjacent to Streets

Huntersville residents and HOAs are encouraged to trim trees in or adjacent to streets. Use the following guidelines to know when trees should be trimmed:

  1. Maintain visibility of all street signs by clearing all limbs within 2 feet of any sign.
  2. Ensure that no branches are blocking signs as you approach them. For streets posted 25 miles per hour, signs should be completely visible if you stood in the middle of the street 175 feet back from the sign.
  3. Maintain clearance on sidewalks by clearing branches to 7 feet above the sidewalk.
  4. Maintain clearance on the street by clearing low branches to at least 7 feet above the road.
  5. Maintain intersection sight distance by trimming bushes above 30 inches and tree limbs below 84 inches near the corners of stop or yield approaches to intersections so that the stopped vehicle can see an approaching vehicle approximately 300 feet from the intersection.

Danger of Not Trimming

Lack of tree trimming can be a big safety issue in a number of ways. If a stop sign is blocked, a person could unknowingly run it and crash into another vehicle. If a street name sign is blocked, it may prolong the response time of emergency personnel or create driver confusion if the driver slows or stops in the street to determine where they need to go. Also, if the landscaping prohibits a clear line of sight to oncoming traffic at an intersection, crashes may occur. This does not account for the occurrence of vehicles brushing against low hanging branches over the street or people having to duck or walk around landscaping adjacent to sidewalks.

Moving Street Signs

In certain instances, street signs may need to be moved by the Town to increase visibility. The HOA or resident shall not relocate any Town street signs. If such a case exists, please contact Huntersville Public Works to address any issues at 704-875-7007.

Report a Fallen Tree

Street Trees are the responsibility of the nearest property owner, even in the right of way.  

Town may remove any tree that has fallen into a roadway, up to the curbside.  

To report a tree that has fallen into the roadway, contact the Public Works Department at 704-875-7007 or send an email to Ginger Hersom. You may also use the online maintenance request form.