Bryton Single-Family Subdivision – Revision

Project Details
Project Name:Bryton Single-Family Subdivision – Revision
Owner:Development Solutions Bry, LLC
Applicant:LStar Ventures, LLC
Developer:Lennar Homes
Design Firm:R. Joe Harris & Associates, Inc.
Tax Parcel:01911299
Location:north of Everette Keith Road (northern portion of Bryton)
Current Zoning:NR
Current Land Use:Single –Family Homes & Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Single-Family Homes
Description of Request:To revise the site plan for Phase 3 of subdivision to alter lot layout, re-align streets and reduce number of lots.
Plan Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Phone: 704-766-2216
Neighborhood Meeting:December 20, 2018
Planning Board:May 28, 2019
Town Board Final Action:June 3, 2019
Status:Application (PDF)
Sketch Plan Revision Plan (PDF)