DA18-01 16225 Stinson Cove Road

Project Details
Project Name:DA18-01 16225 Stinson Cove Road
Applicant Receiving Parcel:Andrew Falls and Kristen Falls
Applicant Giving Parcel:Cory Brouwer and Arricka Brouwer
Tax Parcel:00101350 (giving) 00101355 (receiving)
Acreage:0.68 (giving) 0.47 (receiving)
Location:13719 Hagers Ferry Road (giving) 16225 Stinson Cove Road (receiving)
Current Zoning:GR (giving) GR (receiving)
Watershed Overlay:Lake Norman - CA
Current Land Use:Residential - Single Family 
Description of Request:The applicant is requesting a Density Averaging Certificate to transfer 836 SF of impervious development rights from the giving parcel to the receiving parcel.
Board of Adjustment Meeting:January 8, 2019
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Staff Reviewer:Sierra Saumenig
Contact Information:Email Sierra Saumenig
Phone: 704-766-2298
Application:Application (PDF)