Lateral transfer officers

If you currently serve as a full-time sworn officer, are BLET certified or currently attending a BLET academy, we encourage you to apply. The hiring process is the same for all applicants, there is no abbreviated process for laterals, in or out-of-state.   Your starting salary will include incentive pay for training and experience that is relevant to our mission. Out-of-state officers must have served in a full-time sworn capacity for more than two years and not have been separated for more than three years. At a minimum, out of state transfer officers must take the legal unit and any other identified training BLET Course and successfully pass the full BLET state examination within their 12-month probationary period.  Out of state candidates must be able to provide a topical breakdown of their police academy schedule, including hours in each block of instruction.  

Read all Certification Requirements from NC Training and Standards.