Selection Process

The application process takes approximately 3-6 months to complete. This timeline may be accelerated by the applicant completing their application materials promptly and accurately.

Huntersville Police Department will perform the following screening process of applicants that meet the essential requirements for employment in the following order:

Step 1: Candidate's Initial Application

Applicants complete the online application through the Neogov website, complete an online F3 and submit a completed Town Application for Employment along with all other required applicant paperwork (Supplemental Questionnaire, Body Art form, Release, and Ride Along Form).

Step 2: Preliminary Screening

All applications are screened and the most qualified candidates are identified through preliminary background checks as well as minimum age requirements.

Steps 3&4: Online Personnel History Questionnaire

Applicants are scheduled for the on-line PHQ (Personal History Questionnaire). Once the applicant completes the PHQ, he/she will submit the report online directly to Law Enforcement Services (LESI). The results are reviewed by LESI and forwarded to HPD. Applicants are also scheduled to complete the FMRT Brains Assessment (Fitness Services, Medical Services, Risk Services, Training Services).

Step 5: Written Cognitive Skills Test and Written Exercise

All applicants must successfully complete a written cognitive abilities test and written exercise as approved by the Chief of Police.

Step 6: Background Investigation

The background investigation initially starts at Step 1, but throughout the hiring process all background information is thoroughly investigated and documented in a written summary. At this point, successful candidate files are assigned formally to a trained background investigator for those candidates successfully completing steps 1-7.

Step 7: Officer Ride Along

Candidates must complete a Ride Along with a HPD Officer for a minimum of 4 hours.

Step 8: Structured Oral Assessment by Command/Supervisory Staff

The applicant undergoes an oral interview to appraise individual qualifications. Command staff recommends the candidate for the final interview with the Chief of Police as an acceptable candidate for employment with HPD.

Step 9: Interview with the Chief of Police

The Chief of Police will interview applicants receiving a positive Command Staff Recommendation and may extend a conditional offer of employment.

Step 10: Conditional Offer of Employment

The Chief of Police approves the extension of a conditional offer of employment.

Step 11: Polygraph Examination

Information provided by the applicant on their personal history statement or developed during the background investigation will be verified by a polygraph examination by a certified operator approved by HPD.

Step 12: Psychological Screening, Medical Screening and Drug Screening

Applicants are scheduled for a psychological, medical examination and drug screening by a physician, as required by NC Training and Standards.

Step 13: Firearms Qualification

The applicant undergoes the NC State Mandated Firearms Qualification by an HPD Range Instructor.

Step 14: Fingerprint Record Check

Applicants will be fingerprinted using FBI Form F@-258, Fingerprint Record Card. The results of the fingerprint record check will be retained in the applicant file and, if employed, incorporated into the personnel file.

Step 15: Acceptance and Assignment of Working Conditions

Applicants may be interviewed by the recruiter to verify or clarify any questions/concerns found during the hiring process. Once all requirements are successfully completed, as determined by the Command Staff and approved by the Chief of Police, a hire date will be established.