About HPD

The Town of Huntersville

Incorporated in 1873, Huntersville has grown from a small, mill town, to a new, dynamic area combining retail and residential areas with historic cultural attractions. Home to diverse attractions and entertainment, shopping, NASCAR and natural parks, Huntersville has something for everyone! The town's historic sites include the historic homesteads Rural Hill and Latta Plantation. Visitors can tour the sites and explore the beautiful grounds and nature preserves. Huntersville is a destination for shopping and dining. Birkdale Village offers shopping, dining and entertainment, with its colorful buildings, bubbling fountains and beautiful gardens. For further information about living in Huntersville, see the More section.

Vision Statement

A Huntersville where all can live, work and visit safely and without fear, protected by a Police Department comprised of one team of professionals pursuing excellence and continuous improvement, striving to make a positive difference to achieve a safer Huntersville.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Huntersville Police Department, through a Community Policing Partnership, is to improve the quality of life and provide a sense of safety and security in our community, through the delivery of outstanding services with the highest standards of Honor, Professionalism and Dedication to Duty.


Honor - We recognize that honesty, integrity and truthfulness are the foundations of our profession. We will constantly strive to maintain the highest standards recognizing their importance in upholding our credibility within the law enforcement profession and the community we serve. We will promote the pride we have in our profession by acting responsibly, being accountable for our actions and holding others accountable for their actions. We are committed to the highest principles of integrity and fairness to maintain respect and public trust for the citizens we proudly serve.

Professionalism - We recognize the responsibility to expand our knowledge, improve our skills and develop personal and professional excellence. Through technology, education and training our employees will be prepared to meet the future needs of our community. We are one team of professionals working together, demonstrating collaboration through mutual reliability, openness and flexibility to accomplish our goals.

We value an environment that fosters the development of leaders at all levels to identify, and resolve issues that face our Department and Community. We will continue to achieve excellence as a law enforcement agency by maintaining the highest standards.

Dedication to Duty - We are dedicated to performing our duties in accordance with the Constitution, State Laws, and Town Ordinances, while protecting the rights of all individuals. We recognize our responsibility to deliver an outstanding level of commitment, openness, performance and provision of services to all with the attitude that everything is worth our best effort. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to protect our community. We are committed to respond to the needs of the community with compassion and concern through community policing partnerships in order to achieve a safe and secure town, to reduce the threat of crime.