R18-04 & Sketch Plan - Walden Major Amendment

Project Details
Project Name:Rezoning 18-04 & Sketch Plan - Walden - Major Amendment
Owner:TF Walden, LP
Applicant:TF Walden, LP
Developer:TF Walden, LP
Design Firm:R. Joe Harris & Associates
Tax Parcel(s):01943117
Acreage:219.698 acres (total), 6.16 acres to be added.
Location:Southeast quadrant of Ramah Church Road & future Ferreltown Parkway intersection
Current Zoning:NR(CD) & TR (6.16 acre addition)
Proposed Zoning:NR(CD)
Current Land Use:Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Single Family Housing
Description of Request:Rezoning and Subdivision Sketch Plan to expand the Walden single-family subdivision
Plan Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Phone: 704-766-2216
Neighborhood Meeting:September 26, 2018
Public Hearing:October 1, 2018
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Planning Board:December 18, 2018
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Town Board Final Action:January 7, 2019
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Application:Rezoning Application (PDF)
Sketch Plan Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Approved Sketch & Rezoning Plan (PDF)