Project Details
Project Name:Rezoning 18-05 & Sketch Plan - Bradbury
Owner:Smith Bradford, Nadine P. Williams, Cecil Dewitt Bradfort III, Burl Washam, Beverly Bradford Woods, John and Mary Fite, Ricky Darryl and Vivian Fite, Michael and Teresa Barnette, Barry Bradford, Ross M. Bradford, William D. Bradford Jr., John Scott Bradford, Melanie B. Frear, 
Applicant:Bowman Bayard Bradford, LLC
Developer:Bowman Bayard Bradford, LLC
Design Firm:R. Joe Harris & Associates, Inc. 
Tax Parcel(s):02105198, 02105102, 02105101, 02106105, 02106102, 02106101, 02107199, 02105112, 02105115, 02122107, 02122106, 02122105, 02122104, 02122102, 02122108, 02106104, 02106103, 02106106, 02120106
Acreage:+/- 450 acres
Location:15600 Huntersville-Concord Road
Current Zoning:TR & R
Proposed Zoning:NR(CD) & TND-R(CD)
Current Land Use:Vacant/Large Residential/Farm
Proposed Land Use:Master planning community - Single Family, Townhomes, Apartments, Commercial
Description of Request:Rezone and Sketch Plan for a mix of single-family detached lots, townhome lots, apartments, commercial. 
Plan Reviewer:Jack Simoneau and Meredith Nesbitt
Contact Information:Email Jack Simoneau
Phone: 704-766-2211
Email Meredith Nesbitt
Phone: 704-766-2298
Neighborhood Meeting:May 31, 2018 at 6:00pm in Huntersville Town Hall (101 Huntersville-Concord Road)
Public Hearing:October 15, 2018
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Planning Board:October 23, 2018
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Town Board Final Action:November 5, 2018 Approved (5-0)
Staff Report and Attachments (PDF)
Application:Sketch & Rezoning Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Sketch & Rezoning Plan (PDF)
Draft TIA (PDF)