Section 8.200 - No Service


No department, officer, agent, or employee of the Town will accept for maintenance, lay out, open, improve, grade, pave, or light any streets or authorize the laying of water mains, sewers, electrical service extensions or other facilities or utilities in any street within the Town unless:

1.    Such street has been accepted or opened as, or has otherwise received the legal status of, a public street prior to the effective date of this ordinance; or 

2.    For any new street, such street corresponds in its location and lines with a street shown on a preliminary subdivision plan, tentatively approved by the Town Board or Designated Administrative Agent; or 

3.    Such street has been accepted as a public street by a vote of a majority of all the members of the Town Board or by the State of North Carolina; or 

4.    Such street has been accepted as a public street by the State of North Carolina; or  

5.    Such street is an approved private street built in conformance with the provisions of all applicable ordinances.

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