Article 10.9 - Temporary Off-Premise Signs

10.9 Temporary Off-Premise Signs Requiring Approval

The following temporary off-premise signs are permitted, pending Town approval, subject to the standards below.

.1 Temporary off-premise signs or banners for special community events, open to the general public and sponsored by non-commercial civic, charitable, community, or similar organizations, provided:

a) At least five working days before signs are to be posted, the designated representative of the sponsoring group shall provide a sign installation and removal plan for review by the Planning Director, who shall grant written permission for signs to be posted if the standards below are met.

b) Signs or banners shall be located outside of the public right-of-way or farther than 11 feet from the edge of any public street, whichever distance from edge of pavement is greater; signs shall not violate the sight distance triangle requirements of this Chapter

c) Signs or banners may be posted up to 14 days before the event and must be removed within 7 days following the event.

d) Every temporary off-premise sign or banner shall be separated by a distance of 400 feet from any other such temporary off-premise sign on the same side of a street, and by a distance of 200 feet from any other sign on the opposite side of a street.

e) Nothing in this provision shall be construed to authorize the posting of such signs or banners upon trees, utility poles, traffic control signs, lights or devices in any place or manner prohibited by the provisions herein, nor on private property without written consent of the owner.

.2 Temporary cross-street banners for community events as may be approved by the Town Manager and installed by town personnel, according to policies established by the Town Board.

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