Article 10.8 - Temporary Signs Requiring a Permit

The following temporary signs shall require a permit, subject to the standards below, in lieu of on-site real estate or construction signs.

.1 Temporary Planned Development Signs, provided:

a) Only one primary sign and two secondary signs shall be allowed per street front of development.

b) The maximum sign face area of a primary sign shall not exceed 32 square feet; height of ground-mounted signs shall not exceed 6 feet.

c) The maximum sign face area of secondary signs shall not exceed 12 square feet; height of ground-mounted signs shall not exceed 6 feet.

d) Only one permit shall be required for all temporary planned development signs for each planned development.  Permits shall be valid until a project is completed or for a period of one year, whichever comes first.  Completion shall be evidenced by the issuance of all certificates of occupancy for a development by the Building Standards Department.  If a project is not completed in one year, a new permit must be obtained.  However, in no instance shall more than 5 permits be issued for a development. Additional permits shall not allow secondary signs.  All secondary signs shall be removed when the first permit issued expires.

e) Temporary directional signs within a planned development, but not visible from the road(s) fronting the overall development, shall be permitted so long as such signs do not exceed 12 square feet in sign area, 6 feet in height, and are removed upon completion of the portion of the project to which the signs are giving direction.

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