Article 9.57 - Automotive Country Club

An Automotive Country Club is a retreat destination and storage facility for rare, collectible, high-end, vintage, and exotic vehicles for club members. Such facilities are permitted in the Corporate Business District if the conditions below are met.

1. The club shall only be permitted within a gated and private development (all buildings will front upon and be accessed by privately designed and maintained paved parking and maneuvering areas which shall have adequate widths and turning radii for emergency service access to all individual Units).

2. The club may be comprised of both for sale and rental spaces that accommodate Vehicles to be stored, displayed, and for minor repair and maintenance by club members and occupants, but excluding retail repair operations.

3. The club shall be established on a site not less than 15 acres in size with frontage upon a public street.

4. The club shall include a clubhouse facility and may include a management or sales office.

5. The club shall permit garage/storage units (“Units”) to be individually sold or leased. Each building may be comprised of varying Unit sizes separated by demising walls.

6. The club shall limit the total number of overnight stays by occupants to a maximum of thirty (30) per year.

7. The club may permit up to 24 memorabilia or charity auctions, fundraisers, rallies, car shows, or similar events per calendar year.

8. The Automotive Country Club use shall include the definition of a “Vehicle” as any motorized device considered to be rare, collectible, high-end, vintage or exotic.

9. The club shall prohibit outdoor storage.

10. The club shall prohibit automotive wholesale and retail sales of Vehicles.

11. No part of the automotive country club use will be located or operated so as to emit noise in concentrations or amounts that would constitute a nuisance to persons of ordinary sensitivities on nearby or adjacent properties.

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