Article 9.42 - Marinas (accessory to residential use)

A marina is permitted as an accessory use to residential development in the R, TR, GR, NR, NC, both TND districts, and in the MH-O District provided:

.1 No sale of goods or services or other commercial activities shall occur at the marina.

.2 The number of boat slips shall not exceed 110% of the number of dwelling units in the residential development which the marina serves.

.3 Areas for parking and service shall meet all applicable screening and landscape requirements of this ordinance.

.4 Dry boat storage (indoor or outdoor) is not permitted at marinas accessory to residential developments.

.5 Any accessory marina serving more than 50 dwelling units shall have a boat launching facility for use by residents only.

.6 Accessory marinas shall adhere to pier and water facilities development standards in Section 9.43.

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