Article 9.34 - Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary Landfills are permitted in the SP District subject to a Special Use Permit, according to the procedures of Section 11.4.10.

The Town board shall issue a Special Use Permit for the subject facility in the SP District if, but not unless, the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit hearing establishes:

1. That the comprehensive site plan addresses each of the development standards below:

(a) The use shall be located on a lot of at least 50 acres;

(b) All land filling operations and off-street parking and service areas will be separated by a 100-foot buffer from all adjacent properties and shielded by an opaque screen from the view from a public street;

(c) No structure or land filling operation will be located within 100 feet of any property line nor within 200 feet of abutting property located in a residential district or developed for residential or mixed use;

(d) Vehicle access to the proposed use shall be provided by way of a major or minor thoroughfare, or an Industrial Street directly connecting to a thoroughfare; and

2. That the plan for development and operation of the site addresses the environmental standards below:

(a) The siting and design of the facility will comply with the "Siting and Design Requirements for Disposal Sites" of the North Carolina Solid Waste Management Rules (Title 15A NCAC Chapter 13B) in effect at the time of review of the application;

(b) Monitoring of surface water and groundwater will be conducted in accordance with the State of North Carolina permit and monitoring documents developed pursuant to the State of North Carolina Solid Waste Management Rules;

(c) The facility complies with the Mecklenburg County Department of Environmental Protection's policy concerning Actual and Suspected Contaminants of Mecklenburg County Surface and Groundwater; and

3. That there is a general timetable indicating the development phases and projected life expectancy of the landfill; and

4. That there is a detailed plan for the re-use of the property, after landfill operations cease, that is not in conflict with the objectives of the most detailed plan approved for the area; and

5. That the plan for close-out of the landfill includes the creation of an escrowed fund to finance close-out, with contributions to the fund escrowed annually, beginning at the time facility development begins.

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