Article 9.33 - Riding Academies & commercial Stables

Riding academies are permitted in the Rural and Transitional District if the following standards are met.

.1 All buildings and structures related to the care of animals and to the conduct of the academy must be located at least 100 feet from property boundaries.

.2 Maximum number of horses is 2 per acre.

.3 Off-street parking, service areas, and buildings which are not used for residential purposes, farm purposes, or the stabling of horses, shall be separated by an opaque screen from the view from any street and from abutting properties.

.4 Entrance drives, internal drives, parking and service areas may be gravel, crushed stone, or other suitable material approved by the Planning Director. These areas shall be well maintained and kept free of potholes, weeds, etc. The initial 50 feet of driveway from the public roadway connection shall be paved with concrete or asphalt. Entrance Drives

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