Article 9.31 - Quarries

Quarries are permitted in the SP District subject to a Special Use Permit, according to the procedures of Section 11.4.10.

The Town board shall issue a Special Use Permit for the subject facility in the SP District if, but not unless, the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit hearing establishes:

1. That the quarry and all its buildings, pits, and processing equipment will be separated by a 100-foot buffer from the street and from any adjacent property that is located in a residential district or developed for residential or institutional use; and

2. That the quarry and all its buildings, pits, and processing equipment will be provided with an opaque screen to shield the view from the public street and from all abutting properties, regardless of use; and

3. That a non-climbable fence, at least 6 feet high, will be installed around the quarry and all of its operations as a safety device. These fences must be constructed of wire mesh with openings not to exceed 2 inches by 4 inches or equivalent and must be placed on the interior side of screening and/or buffering devices; and

4. Vehicle access to the quarry shall be provided by way of a major or minor thoroughfare, or an Industrial Street directly connecting to a thoroughfare; and

5. That any crushing of rock or processing of material must be done in such a way as to minimize the amount of air-borne dust
created; and

6. That the minimum distances of quarry operations from adjacent properties shall be:

(a) for any quarry building - 100 feet

(b) for any crushing of rock, processing of stone, gravel or other material - 300 feet

(c) for any blasting - 500 feet

7. And that upon termination of quarrying operation, the site must be reclaimed in accordance with NC General Statutes.

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