Article 9.29 - Parks (Including Greenways)

.1 Buildings constructed in association with a park or greenway shall meet one of the building types permitted in the zoning district.

.2 Permanent parking lots associated with parks and greenways shall meet the standards of Article 6, Off-Street Parking.

.3 Dust-free, pervious surface areas are encouraged for overflow or event parking; such areas, if maintained in a natural condition, need not conform with Article 6.

.4 Service areas shall be separated by an opaque screen from view from any street and from abutting properties as described in Section 7.6 of this ordinance.

.5 Outdoor lighting associated with active outdoor recreation shall not shine directly into yards associated with a residential use nor into the windows of a residential structure. 

.6 Hours of operation of outdoor recreation will be no earlier than 6 a.m. and no later than 11 p.m. for uses located in or abutting a residential district.

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