Article 9.26 - Outdoor Storage

.1 Outdoor storage defined:

(a) includes all goods and materials not returned to an enclosed building at the end of each business day; regardless of whether such goods or materials are kept on the premises for retail sale, wholesale sale, storage, or use by a business on or off the lot; (to be classified as goods for sale and therefore exempt from regulation as outdoor storage, items must be placed within an enclosed building at the end of each business day);

(b) includes up to two storage trailers placed on a single lot or in conjunction with a single principal use;

(c) includes all items awaiting or in process of repair except customary passenger vehicles awaiting repair which are not visibly damaged or are not used or intended to be used as “parts” vehicles; (rather than being considered outdoor storage, such vehicles may await repair in any conforming off-street parking lot associated with the principal use);

(d) includes vehicles with more than two axles, boats, manufactured homes, and trailers of tractor trailers awaiting or in process of repair;

(e) does not include construction equipment; where permitted, outdoor storage of construction equipment is regulated by Section 9.27.

.2 Outdoor storage, where expressly permitted, may be established on a lot according to the following standards:

(a) where permitted as an accessory use in conjunction with a building, the area of storage shall not be placed in any established yard abutting a street;

(b) where permitted as a principal use on a lot, the area of storage shall be no closer than 40 feet from an abutting street right-of-way;

(c) all areas established for outdoor storage shall be screened from view from the street(s) and from all abutting properties by an opaque screen as described in Section 7.6 of this ordinance; wherever security fencing is desired, it shall be placed on the interior side of the opaque screen.

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