Article 9.25 - Outdoor Display of Vehicles & Boats for sale, lease, & cleaning

The following requirements shall apply to the outdoor display of vehicles and boats associated with sales, rental, cleaning, mechanical repair, body repair, and similar services.

.1 Vehicles and boats for sale shall not be displayed in an established front yard or in an established side yard abutting a street.

.2 Vehicles and boats for sale may be displayed in a side yard which does not abut directly on a street, so long as:

(a) the display is placed behind the established front setback line of the building, extended to the side lot lines;

(b) the display area meets the standards for a parking lot as described in Article 6 of this ordinance;

(c) the display area is screened from abutting properties by an opaque screen as described in Section 7.6 of this ordinance.

.3 Nothing in this section shall prohibit a break in a planted screen or wall for the crossing of a driveway which provides access to on-site parking from the fronting street or a rear alley, or access between the parking lots of abutting businesses.

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