Article 9.21 - Neighborhood & Outdoor Recreation

.1 Buildings constructed in association with neighborhood recreation or outdoor recreation shall meet one of the building types
permitted in the zoning district.

.2 Permanent parking lots shall meet the standards of Article 6, Off-Street Parking.

.3 Service areas will be separated by an opaque screen from the view from any street and from abutting properties.

.4 Chain link and similar fencing materials, if used, shall be planted on exterior side with evergreen shrubs minimum 3 feet in height and 6 feet on center at installation.

.5 Outdoor lighting associated with outdoor recreational facilities shall be designed as follows:

a. Facilities shall use fully shielded lighting fixtures except where luminaries are:

(1) Provided with internal and/or external glare control louvers and installed so as to minimize uplight and offsite light trespass, and;
(2) Installed and maintained with aiming angles that permit no greater than five% (5%) of the light emitted by each fixture to project above the horizontal.

b. Lighting plans shall limit light trespass to the maximum extent possible. A maximum of.5 footcandles at any location on any non-residential property, and.1 footcandles at any location on any residential property, as measurable from any orientation of the measuring device, shall be met.

c. Lighting shall be extinguished after 11 p.m. Illumination of the sports facility shall be permitted after this time only to conclude a scheduled event that was unable to conclude before this time due to unusual circumstances.

.6 Hours of operation shall be no earlier than 6 a.m. and no later than 11 p.m.

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