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Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board

On December 21, 2015, Huntersville Commissioners approved bylaws establishing a Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board.  This advisory board is established to:

A) Review, evaluate and recommend amendments to the Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances to the Town of Huntersville Planning Board (hereinafter “Planning Board”) and the Town of Huntersville Board of Commissioners (hereinafter “Town Board”).
B) Review, evaluate and recommend amendments to Town planning processes and procedures to the Planning Board and Town Board.
C) Other such related Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance as directed from the Town Board or Planning Board.

In addition to the duties and responsibilities prescribed above, the Advisory Board shall:

A) Exercise such additional functions as the Town Board may direct;
B) Keep the Town Board and the general public informed and advised as to matters within their duties and responsibilities; and,
C) Review the towns Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances and concerns from residents and developers. 

Applications were received throughout January and the first appointments to this new committee were made February 15, 2016. 

Commissioner Dan Boone was selected Chairman of the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board Chairman at its January 4, 2016 meeting. 

Non-voting members include Planning Director Jack Simoneau, Planning Executive Assistant Michelle Haines and Town Attorney Bob Blythe.

A) One (1) Chairperson (who may or may not be a Town Board or Planning Board member):  Dan Boone
B) One (1) Town Board member:  Mark Gibbons
C) One (1) Planning Board member:   JoAnne Miller

D) Six (6) At Large Members who shall live, work, or own a business or property within the Town of Huntersville Corporate Limits or the ETJ.
    Bruce Andersen, Daniel Rikard and Jeff Sny – 2 year term
    Jay Henson, Brian Hines and Nick Walsh – 1 year term

E) One (1) Planning Director or Planning Staff member:  Jack Simoneau, Planning Director

F) One (1) Planning Executive Asst.: Michelle Haines
G) The Town Attorney: Bob Blythe

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Minutes (2016)


      March 3, 2016
 April 7, 2016        April 7, 2016
 May 5, 2016        May 5, 2016
 June 2, 2016        June 2, 2016
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 September 1, 2016        September 1, 2016
 October 6, 2016        October 6, 2016
 November 3, 2016        November 3, 2016
 December 1, 2016        December 1, 2016

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January 19, 2017
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