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False Alarm Reduction Program

False Alarm Reduction Program 

In order to reduce the number of responses to false alarms, the Town of Huntersville has implemented a False Alarm Reduction Program. Residents began receiving letters in April from the Huntersville False Alarm Reduction Program requesting verification of their service address as being within the Town of Huntersville, along with a registration form and an invoice for a registration fee of ten ($10) dollars. Many of the local alarm providers have been informed of the process and are working with the town to help register their customers' alarms. The actual requirement for registration falls on the alarm system user. There is an annual renewal fee of ten ($10) dollars. The alarm permits are valid for twelve (12) consecutive months following the date they are registered.

Town ordinance requires all alarm systems to be registered with the town through the Huntersville False Alarm Reduction Program. The alarm may be registered by completing a form (by mail or online) and submitting the fee by following instructions provided on the letter that residents will be receiving. Residents with questions about this program should call (866) 589-5666, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

False alarms divert police from proactive crime prevention efforts. They also delay response to calls for service that may be true emergencies. In order to limit the number of false alarms in the Town of Huntersville, legislation was enacted requiring the Huntersville Police Department to track false alarms and to charge alarm users false alarm cost-recovery fees. The following fine schedule was established:

Registered alarm users are allowed two false alarm responses at no charge during a permit year. Additional charges will be assessed as follows:

False Alarms 1, 2: No charge for registered alarms
False Alarms 3, 4, 5: $50.00 per response
False Alarms 6, 7: $100.00 per response
False Alarms 8, 9: $250.00 per response
False Alarms 10+: $500.00 per response

If all alarm fines are not paid within thirty (30) days of being invoiced, the alarm user will be notified in writing that police will not respond to an alarm at their premises until all fines are paid. 

Click HERE to register your alarm online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why is the town implementing this program?

A– In 2006, false alarms represented 13% of the call load for the Huntersville Police Department. It has averaged 12-15% over the last several years.

Q – What does the fee cover?

A – Registration fee offsets the cost of administering the program and ensures that user maintains accurate data in the system (keeps contact information up-to-date) for police response to alarm calls.

Q – Does this apply to residences or businesses?

A – It applies to both.

Q – How does the process work?

A – The ordinance requires enhanced call verification from the alarm company to prevent false alarms. This process requires your alarm company to make two phone calls to validate the alarm before dispatching law enforcement. The first call is to the home or business and if necessary, the second call is to an alternate number (usually a cell phone). This applies to burglar alarm calls.

Q – Can I appeal a violation? If so, what is the process for appealing the fine?

A – Yes. Appeals can be made to the False Alarm Reduction Program at (866) 589-5666.