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Calling 911 vs. Non-Emergency Number

Phone Numbers to Call and When to Call
Emergency Calls

Types of Emergency Calls:
1. Threat to Life or Property
2. Domestic Situations
3. Fire, Traffic Accidents, Medical Emergencies
4. Situation involving weapons
5. Crimes in progress
6. Noise complaints
7. Careless & Reckless Driving
8. Burglar Alarms
9. Problems in the neighborhood
10. Solicitors
11. Request for a report to be made
12. Animal control problem
13. If any doubt, call 911

Non-Emergency Calls
1. Speaking to a specific officer
2. Follow up with investigation 
Business/Records Office:
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Huntersville Police Department 704-464-5400
After Business Hours 704-464-5400

Types of Issues to call the Business Numbers:

1. Wanting to file a report on an officer
2. Questions on the town ordinances
3. Requests for copy of a report
4. Requesting permits for special events

We will be glad to help you with any number that you call, but for a faster response to questions, the numbers above will get you there faster.

What to do When Calling 9-1-1

The most important thing to remember when calling 9-1-1 is DO NOT HANG UP! Stay calm and speak clearly. Give the operator as much of the following information as necessary under the circumstances and remember that your assistance could mean the difference between life and death or serious injury. Information that will be requested of you is as follows:

Specify the Kind of Emergency:
-   Police Emergency
-   Fire Emergency
-   Medical Emergency
-   Location of Incident

Be as specific as possible. Look for street names, address or a business nearest your location.

Phone Numbers
Provide a contact number of which you can be reached in case the officer cannot find you or you get disconnected from the operator.

Number of people involved
Advise the number of people involved in the incident and any type of description of suspects. Be as specific as possible.

This is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure the safety of the officers and other possible victims or bystanders at the scene.

Obstacles or Conditions
Advise of any adverse conditions that would prevent law enforcement or any other emergency personnel from rendering services, i.e. address of location not properly displayed, vehicles blocking the roadway, vicious dog on premise, etc.

Keep information factual and to the point.  Advise the seriousness of the incident, however, do not over exaggerate it.

Listen to the Operator and follow their instructions. They are there to help you.