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The D.A.R.E. program is a 10 week curriculum, designed to provide fifth grade students with key life skills and inspire/motivate them to achieve their goals. The program educates students on “the importance of good decision making to help them lead safe and healthy lives.” The program also teaches the students the dangers of illegal drugs and how to make overall good life decisions. Upon conclusion of the program, each student will be able to make informed choices for their life and their future.   
The Huntersville D.A.R.E. officers are assigned to teach at five public elementary schools, one charter school and one private school. Each student receives individual recognition at a graduation ceremony held at their school, upon the culmination of the programs.   
HPD also sponsors a D.A.R.E. summer camp for rising sixth graders. The camps are supervised by Huntersville Police Department’s School Resource Officers and assisted by many members of the Huntersville Police Department. D.A.R.E. camps are unique in they are the only camp where students get to spend the entire week with police officers on a personal level.