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Thoroughfare Projects

A Thoroughfare Plan provides a functional hierarchy of major streets that permits travel between origins and destinations with directness, ease and safety, and is designed to: 

  • Provide for the orderly development of an adequate major street system as land development occurs or as traffic increases; 
  • Reduce the costs of major street improvements, mainly through coordination with private action; 
  • Reduce travel and transportation costs; 
  • Enable private interests to plan their actions, improvements, and development with full knowledge of public intent; 
  • Minimize the disruption of people and business (development can be prohibited in a road corridor, saving future disruption); 
  • Reduce environmental impacts on air quality, wetlands, historic sites, parks and other publicly used recreational areas, archeological sites, endangered species, and neighborhoods. 

Work is underway to include thoroughfare plans as part of the Comprehensive Transportation Plans (CTP) for the region. The concept is being developed by NCDOT, in conjunction with CRTPO and memebers towns (including Huntersville) that will include transit, bicycle and pedestrian modes.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

A Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is North Carolina’s multi-modal transportation plan. The CTP includes community consensus on future transportation needs required to support anticipated growth and development. It is a multi-modal plan that identifies the future transportation system needs and includes highways, public transportation, rail, and bicycle facilities needed to serve the anticipated travel demand. The CTP is more environmentally and community friendly, it strengthens the connections between an area’s transportation plan, adopted local land development plan, and community vision and a CTP is a mutually adopted legal document between the state and the Metropolitan Planning organization. When a CTP is adopted by the NCDOT it represents the state’s concurrence with the locally identified transportation needs. Ultimately, the CTP will replace CRTPO’s existing Thoroughfare Plan. 

Click on the links below to preview the Town of Huntersville DRAFT CTP Maps, full CTP maps for the CRTPO region can be accessed here

DRAFT CTP Street Maps: Part  and Part II
DRAFT CTP Bicycle Maps: Part I and Part II
DRAFT CTP Pedestrian Maps: Part I and Part II
DRAFT CTP Public Transportation/Rail Maps: Part IPart II and Part III