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Illustrative Shrub List (*Partial)

For a complete list of shrubs, please refer to the Huntersville Approved Tree and Shrub List.

Evergreen (4 - 6ft.)
Name Picture Grows Well In Height at Maturity Spread at Maturity Comments
Convexa Japanese Holly
Ilex crenata "convexa"
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 3'-5' Good substitute for boxwoods and may be developed into formal and informal hedge.
Dwarf Burford Holly
Ilex cornuta "Burfordii Nana"
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' Versatile and dependable as hedge, background barrier.
Glenn Dale Azalea
Azalea hybrida
Partial Shade 4'-6' 3'-4' Somewhat more cold hardy than kurume azalea.
Glossy Abelia
Abelia grandiflora
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 3'-5' Less expensive than most evergreens. Leaves drop from low temp., lack of pruning.
Hetzii Japanese Holly
Ilex crenata "Hetzi"
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 5'-7' Vigorous spreading habit of growth.
Hybrid Rhododendron
Rhododendron hybrida
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 3'-5' Grows well under pines or oaks. When established needs little care.
Japanese Andromeda
Pieris japonica,
Partial Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' Very beautiful and graceful, early-blooming shrub. Not a good screen shrub.
Japanese Yew
Taxus cuspidata
Shade 4'-6' 5'-7' Grows in a variety of soils and tolerates poor growing conditions. Thrives in cool, moist soil.
Kaempferi Azalea
Azalea kaempferi
Partial Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' One of the hardiest evergreen azaleas. Blooms late enough to escape frost.
Leatherleaf Mahonia
Mahonia bealei
Partial Shade 5'-6' 3'-4' Very dependable for use in shrub boarders. Winter burn if grown in sun.
Leatherleaf Viburnum
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
Mountain Pieris
Pieris Floribunda
Partial Shade 4'-6' 3'-4' Cold hearty, white flowers in the spring. Glossy dark leaves.
Nandina domestica
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 2'-3' Interesting if used as foliage shrub or planted in groups. Not a good screen shrub.
Narrow Leaved English Laurel
Prunus laurocerasus angustifolia
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 5'-6' Excellent for contemporary design. Adapts well to city conditions.
Pfitzer Juniper
Juniperus chinese "Pfitzeriana"
Sun 5'-7' 8'-10' Best used in broad masses in large scale areas.
Round leaf Japanese Holly
Ilex crenata "Rotundifolia"
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' Withstands city conditions well, requiring minimum care when established.
Sandankwa Viburnum
Viburnum seuspensum
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' No pruning necessary, no pest problems.
Spreading Euonymus
Euonymus kiautschovlcus
Sun|Shade 4'-6' 4'-6' May be trained as vine on walls or fences; climbs by aerial roots.
Wintergreen Barberry
Berbberis julianae
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 2'-5' No pruning or pest problems. Impenetrable because of thorns.
Raphiolepis umbellata
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 6' Fairly drought resistant. Has white flower and blue-black fruit.
Evergreen (6 - 12ft.)
Name Picture Grows Well In Height at Maturity Spread at Maturity Comments
Aucuba japonica
Shade 6'-10' 4'-6' Grown for foliage. Drought tolerant. Leaves exposed to sun will blacken. Dense in shade.
Burford Holly
Ilex cornuta "Burfordii"
Sun|Partial Shade 8'-15' 6'-'8 Widely used in landscaping. Attractive as multi-stem small tree.
Camellia japonica,
Partial Shade 7'-12' 5'-7' Plant on northern exposure if in full sun. Requires protection from winter wind.
Chinese Holly
Ilex cornuta
Sun|Partial Shade 8'-10' 5'-7' Some difficulty when transplanting. Ragged appearance when sheared.
Chinese Photinia
Photinia serrulata
Sun 7'-12' 5'-12' Susceptible to mildew. Container grown stock easier to transplant.
Cleyera japonica
Partial Shade 8'-10' 5'-6' Highly shade tolerant; withstands city conditions.
Curlyleaf Tea Olive
Osmanthus heterophyllus "Rotundifolius"
Sun|Partial Shade 6'-10' 6' Excellent holly substitute.
Emily Brumer Holly
Ilex X 'Emily Brumer'
Sun|Partial Sun|Partial Shade 15'-20' 8'-10' Large, vivid red fruit clusters, glossy dark green leaves. Can be grown as small tree.
English Holly
Ilex aquifolium
Sun|Partial Shade 8'-12' 7'-12' Both male and female plants necessary for fruiting.
English Laurel
Prunus laurocerasus
Sun|Shade 10'-12' 8'-11' Sometimes has scorched foliage appearance, especially in winter.
Evergreen Euonymous
Euonymous japonica,
Sun|Shade 6'-7' 3'-5' Prevention and control of insects and disease limits desirability.
Fortune Tea Olive
Osmanthus fortunei
Sun 9'-12' 5'-7' Excellent in large borders and screens or as clipped hedge.
Fragrant Tea Olive
Osmanthus fragrans
Sun|Partial Shade 9'-12' 5'-7' Less hardy than Fortune Tea Olive. Delightful fragrance.
Franchet Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster franchetii,
Sun|Partial Shade 6'-10' 6'-8' Elegant gray foilage effect for sunny situations.
Hetzi Juniper
Juniperus chinensis "Hetzii"
Sun 10'-12' 10'-12' Tolerates worst city conditions. Useful as hedge or windbreak.
Holly Osmanthus
Osmanthus heterophyllus
Sun|Partial Shade 6'-10' 5'-3' No necessary pruning; no pest problems.
Hollywood Juniper
Juniperus chinensis "Kaizuka"
Sun 10'-12' 6'-8' Exotic in appearance.
Indian Azalea
Azalea indica
Sun|Shade 6'-12' 6'-8' Best in Coastal Plain and warmer parts of Piedmont. Requires mulch.
Inkberry Holly
Ilex glabra,
Sun|Shade 6'-9' 4'-7' Male plants have best winter color.
Japanese Holly
Ilex crenata
Sun|Partial Shade 10'-12' 3'-5' Male and female plants necessary to produce berries.
Japanese Pittosporum
Pitosporum tobira
Sun|Partial Sun|Shade|Partial Shade 7'-10' 4'-8' White flowers in late spring, dark green leaves. Drought resistant.
Japanese Privet
Ligustrum japonicum
Sun|Shade 6'-10' 5'-6' Adapted to adverse conditions of drought, heat, cold, and salt spray.
Laurus nobilis,
Sun 10'-12' 8'-10' Ofter used as screen or informal hedge.
Laurestinus Viburnum
Viburnum tinus
Sun|Partial Shade 10'-12' 10'-12' Valuable evergreen for barrier, specimen, clipped or unclipped hedge.
Little Red Holly
Ilex "Little Red"
Sun 10' 6' More cold hardy than "Dwarf Burford Holly".
Loropetalum chinese
Sun|Partial Shade 6'-10' 8'-9' Showy flowers in early spring.
Lusterleaf Holly
Ilex latifolia,
Partial Shade 8'-12' 7'-11' No pest problems. Small tree at maturity.
Oriental Arborvitae
Thuja orientalis
Sun 10'-12' 8'-10' For sceen or hedge or as background for contrasting broadleaf evergreen.
Perny Holly
Ilex pernyi
Sun|Partial Shade 9'-12' 4'-6' Taller growing than many hollies. Valued for showy red fruit.
Podocarpus macrophyllus maki
Sun|Shade 8'-10' 3'-5' Withstands city conditions.
Sasanqua Camellia
Camellia sasanqua
Sun|Partial Sun|Partial Shade 6'-10' 5'-7' Densely branched. Pink or red flowers in fall. Drought tolerant.
Scarlet Firethorn
Pyracantha coccinea
Sun|Partial Sun|Partial Shade 6'-15' 8'-15' Stiff, thorny branches. Orange-red berries in fall. Drought tolerant and cold hearty.
Tall Glossy Privet
Ligustrum lucidum,
Sun|Shade 8'-12' 5'-10' Does well in adverse conditions. Excellent as fall screen or windbreak.
Thorny Elaeagnus
Elaeagnus pungens
Sun 8'-11' 6'-10' One of few plants having winter flowering and spring fruiting.
Myrica cerifera
Sun|Partial Shade 10'-12' 8'-10' Will thrive in practically any situation.
Wild Olive
Osmanthus americanus
Sun|Partial Sun|Partial Shade 15'-25' 8'-12' White flowers in spring. Drought tolerant once established.
Yaupon Holly
Ilex vomitoria
Sun|Shade 5'-15' 6'-12' Highly versatile shrub or small tree which adapts to most adverse conditions.
Deciduous (4 - 6ft.)
Name Picture Grows Well In Height at Maturity Spread at Maturity Comments
Flowering Quince
Chaenomeles speciosa
Sun|Partial Shade 5'-6' 5'-6' Blends well with other plants, excellent foilage color. Often evergreen in warm places.
Mentor Barberry
Berberis mentorensis
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 5'-7' Requires no pruning or maintenance and withstands heat and drought.
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea quercifolia
Partial Shade 4'-6' 3'-5' Excellent flowers and fall foilage colors.
Reeves Spirea
Spiraea cantoniensis
Sun|Partial Shade 4'-6' 3'-5' Best spirea in Southeast. Easily transplanted. Almost evergreen in warm places.
Thunberg Spirea
Spiraea thunbergii
Partial Shade 3'-5' 3'-5' Small clusters of white flowers in early spring. Drought tolerant, require pruning.
Deciduous (6 - 12ft.)
Name Picture Grows Well In Height at Maturity Spread at Maturity Comments
Border Forsythia
Forsythia x intermedia
Sun 8'-10' 7'-10' Good foliage mass but most beautiful in bloom. Withstands city conditions, transplants well.
Bridalwreath Spirea
Spiraea prunifolia 'Plena'
Sun|Shade 5'-7' 3'-5' Valuable shrub for flowers, foliage and fall color.
Common Witch-Hazel
Hamamelis virginiana
Sun|Shade 8'-15' 7'-14' Excellent for naturalizing in shady areas. Blooms after leaves have fallen.
Star Magnolia
Magnolia stellata
Sun 10'-12' 8'-10' Will not tolerate shade. Best with daarker background to set off bloom.
Vanhoutte Spirea
Spiraea x vanhouttei
Sun|Shade 5'-7' 4'-6' Valued for form and flowers. Probably most popular of all spireas.
Winged Euonymus
Euonymus alatus
Sun|Partial Shade 5'-8' 3'-5' Grown for flamboyant fall color and interesting twig structure in winter.