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As motorists continue adjusting to the new traffic patterns of Sam Furr Rd (NC73), Statesville Rd (US21), and Old Statesville Rd (NC115) from the recent NC73 widening project, Huntersville Engineering & Public Works is sharing guidance establishment of right of way at unsignalized intersections. Earlier this week, they began distributing the following information to the attention of neighborhoods and businesses in the area.

Over the past several months, since the opening of the new median divided facilities of NC73, US21, and NC115, questions have been raised relative to which movement has the right-of-way at the unsignalized U-Turn locations. The short answer as confirmed by NCDOT, Huntersville Police, and Town Engineering is: Drivers at a STOP sign must yield ALL right-of-way to users of the main road. Users of the main road include U-Turning vehicles.

Some confusion has been brought about due to signage located at signalized locations stating “U-Turn Must Yield to Right Turn”. Signage is typically utilized when established rules of the road do not apply. The reason U-turns must yield to right turns at those signalized intersections is the right turns have been given a protected signal phase with a green arrow.

STOP signs are just like turning right on red at a signal, the right turn movement has to make sure all movements on the main road are free and clear. A right turn from a STOP sign is not a protected movement - it is not a green arrow. So, if you are coming out of a side street with a STOP sign, please yield the right-of-way to U-Turning vehicles on the main road.
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