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Within the next few weeks Huntersville residents will begin to see tree cutting along I-77 within 340 foot clearing zones adjacent to some billboards. In July of last year, the State legislature amended its rules to expand tree and vegetation removal areas adjacent to billboards on roads maintained by the state for greater billboard visibility. This is done through a SVR (Selective Vegetation Removal) permit. Permits for vegetation removal adjacent to billboards in Huntersville will come to the Huntersville Planning Department for comment and to the NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation) for a final decision.

In April, three SVR permits for the removal of 664 trees were submitted by LAMAR Outdoor Advertising for billboards located directly south of Mount-Holly Huntersville Road on the north bound lane. NCDOT approved the billboards in accordance with state statutes. All the vegetation in the clearing zones for the three permits will be removed except for native dogwoods and redbuds, which must be preserved.

This month, the Planning Department received SVR permits for four more billboards from Adams Outdoor Advertising. Three of the billboards are located approximately a mile south of Gilead Road on the northbound lane of I-77 (.8, .9 & 1 mile south). The other billboard is one mile south of Sam Furr Road on the northbound lane of I-77. 120 trees are requested to be removed. The Huntersville Planning Staff has not completed their review of these permits.

For more information on Selective Vegetation Removal permits and to contact NCDOT click on the following link:

You may also contact the Huntersville Planning Department at 704-875-7000.
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