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The North Carolina Department of Transportation confirmed to Town Officials this morning that the Quadrant Roadway design for the intersection of Sam Furr Road (NC73) and Statesville Road (US21) will become operational on March 7th. 

Under the quadrant roadway intersection, motorists seeking to head north on US 21 from NC 73 eastbound will go through the current intersection of NC73/US21 and make a right turn onto an upgraded and improved Holly Point Drive and then turn right on to US 21 to head north. Motorists seeking to travel US21 southbound from NC73 westbound will be required to turn left at Holly Point Drive then left onto US21 instead of making the left at the US21/NC73 intersection. This revised traffic movement will make the intersection safer and more efficient.

A demonstration of the new quadrant roadway intersection is provided by NCDOT via YouTube:

NCDOT expects the NC73 Widening project to be complete by April 2012 and will begin wrapping up work on other sections of the project once the quadrant left intersection is operational.

For more information about the status of this project, contact NCDOT Resident Engineer Jeff D’Arruda ( or NCDOT Assistant Resident Engineer Rick Pruitte ( at 704-455-2958.
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