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The Huntersville Police Department is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 5th Annual Citizen's Police Academy.

The Academy is a 10-week program held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Huntersville Police Department located at 102 Gilead Road. Classes will begin on Tuesday January 24th 2012 and run for 10 consecutive weeks until Tuesday March 27th 2012.

In keeping with our organizational values “Honor, Professionalism and Dedication to Duty”, the Huntersville Police Department’s Citizen's Police Academy is designed to nurture public trust through informing our citizens of the crucial role the police department serves in the community. The Academy is a community relations program and is not designed to train citizens to be police officers or to be our representatives; rather it gives the citizens a basic but realistic view of what the police really do. The Citizen’s Police Academy is intended to be an interactive program involving participants in “hands on” activities.

The Academy is held without cost to the participants. To enroll, each participant must complete an application which can be obtained by visiting our web site or by emailing Sergeant Tom Seifert All applications should be completed and submitted to the Huntersville Police Department by 5:00 p.m. on Friday January 6, 2012. The class size will be limited and if needed, a selection process will be used to balance the class.

Requirements for attending:

• You must live or work in the Town of Huntersville
• Be 18 years of age or older
• Must not have been convicted of, or have pending charges for any Felony Offense
• Must not have been convicted of, or have pending charges for any Misdemeanor Offense within the last two years.

Click HERE to download an application.

For additional information, please contact Sergeant Tom Seifert at 704-464-5381 or by e-mail at .

The Mission of the Huntersville Police Department is to improve the quality of life in the Town of Huntersville by working in partnerships with the community to preserve life, enforce the law, maintain order, provide quality police services and to reduce the fear and incidence of crime. Our most valuable asset in carrying out this mission is our employees and their dedication to maintain our reputation as “North Carolina’s Finest” and to make Huntersville a safer community. Our core organizational values of Honor, Professionalism and Dedication serve to guide our employees in their pursuit of excellence and in making “our vision a reality.”

Week One/January 24
• Welcome, Introduction, Program Overview Sgt Seifert ¼ hour
• Agency Profile Chief Potter 1 ¼ hour
• Myths and Perceptions Deputy Chief Kee ¼ hour
• Facility Tour Sgt. Seifert ¼ hour

Week Two/January 31
• Employment Selection Sgt. Brafford ½ hour
• Training and Standards Lt. Latza ½ hour
• Dispatch Center Information and Tour Sgt. Seifert 1 hour
     •  Dispatch tour will be at Cornelius PD

Week Three/February 7
• Field Services Bureau – General Information Captain Richardson 1 hour
• Crime Analysis Laura Rooks ½ hour
• Crime Prevention Sgt. Seifert ½ hour

Week Four/February 14
• Support Services Bureau– General Information Capt.Graham, Lt. Johnston1hour
• Special Investigations Sgt. Freeston ½ hour
• General Investigation Sgt. Gardner ½ hour

Week Five/February 21
• ID Fraud Det. Randazzo 1 hour
• Internet Crimes Det. Walker 1 hour

Week Six/February 28
• Firearms Training Simulations Officer Hager, Sgt Seifert 1 hour
• Mock Crime Scene Det.Sprague, Randazzo 1 hour
• Location will be CPCC North Campus CPCC staff

Week Seven/March 6
• SWAT Operations Lt. Latza & Officer Hicks 1 hour

• Hostage Negotiations Lt. Johnston & Officer Dunker 1 hour

Week Eight/March 13
• Community Events, Programs and Services Sgt. Seifert 1 hour
• School Resource Officer Program Officer Dunker ½ hour
• DARE Program Officer Brunson ½ hour

Week Nine/March 20
• Traffic Safety Section Traffic Safety Officers 1 hour
• K-9 Operations Sgt. Vaughan & Officer Medlin 1 hour

Week Ten/March 27
• Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office 1 hour
     • Graduation HPD STAFF
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