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Over the past year or so, there have been black bear sightings in Huntersville and the surrounding area. 

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) recently notified the Huntersville Police Department that future bear sightings in our area are highly likely and shared guidelines for responding to bear sightings.  According to the NCWRC, “black bears are not aggressive and, if allowed to pass through an urban area unimpeded, will do so quickly.

According to the NCWRC, bears move frequently in late spring and summer for various reasons: Young bears have left their mothers and are looking for new territory; Natural food sources can be scarce in spring and summer, resulting in increased movement of bears to find food; breeding season occurs in summer, resulting in increased movement of male bears.  Furthermore, they state that “it is not uncommon for a bear to be sighted for a few weeks as it disperses through the area.”

For more information about bears in central North Carolina, visit the NCWRC’s website at:

The NCWRC does not allow the Huntersville Police Department or any local agency to trap, tranquilize or shoot a bear unless there is an imminent threat to human life.  

State law prevents even NCWRC officers from carrying tranquilizers for bears.  It would be highly dangerous to use them in populated areas because it could take 30 minutes to take effect and during that period the bear would become highly agitated.

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