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 The Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department has completed the installation of two synthetic turf infields at Huntersville Athletic Park.

The new infields will provide a safer and more consistent playing surface for local leagues as well as tournaments that come to Huntersville. The synthetic fields also reduce the amount of maintenance that is needed in maintaining grass and clay infields as well reducing the number of rainouts that would take place on synthetic fields due to the underground drainage system for the fields.
These two fields are reserved for more than 1,600 hrs per year and more than 400 games are played on them each year. The Town spends a lot of time and money on maintaining grass and clay infields at Huntersville Athletic Park. Those items include purchasing turface, paint, clay, chalk, fertilizer, pesticides and sod as well as staff time edging and working on lips, getting water off of the fields after rain, re-sodding, repairing irrigation heads, filling in low spots, weed control, dragging fields 6-7 times per week etc.

The residents of Huntersville will have the opportunity to play on a surface that is used by many Division I colleges such as University of Kansas, Wake Forest University, Duke University and Appalachian State University.

These improvements will give Huntersville a leg up on other cities when it comes to recruiting tournaments. Huntersville is the only city in North Carolina to have synthetic turf infields in a public park. Two of the top things that tournament organizers look for when selecting a location for a tournament is (1) high quality fields and (2) the ability to be able to get all of their games in even if there is bad weather during their event.

For more information about the new synthetic turf fields, please contact Michael Jaycocks.
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