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The 2017 McGuire Nuclear Station siren test dates have been announced. Tests are conducted four times during the year to ensure sirens function adequately. 

Testing will take place: January 11, 2017; April 12, 2017; July 12, 2017; and October 11, 2017. Siren tests are always conducted on Wednesdays. Testing is at 11:50am. The public is not required to take any action during the tests. 

In the event you hear sirens and are not sure if it is a test or emergency, please tune into local radio (FM 107.9, WLNK Charlotte, FM 106.5, WEND Salisbury, NOAA Weather Radio - All Hazards) or television stations for information and instructions on what to do. Stations stop their programming when there is an emergency. In an emergency, sirens sound repeatedly at three-minute intervals. 

Please visit Duke Energy's website under public safety, for more information. is also another great resource for information. 

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